The BartenderHQ podcast, talking about bartender podcasts! Okay, its a little meta this week but there’s a growing community out there of people talking about the drinks industry and what you can do with cocktails, so we’re running down the best (or at least the best we’ve found!).

Mixology Talk Podcast


The A Bar Above podcast ( is one of Sam’s go to resources for information, and they’ve been guests on BartenderHQ on multiple occasions. (one and two) They’ve also got a mixology certification course which is AWESOME and you can find at our link here (and it helps support BartenderHQ as well as ABarAbove!)

Bartender Journey Podcast


Possibly the original bartending podcast, and as far as I know at least the oldest still running podcast on bartending! Deeply involved with Tales of the cocktail and much more, Brian Weber is an upstate New York bartender that you really should be listening to, and giving an iTunes review to. He’s not telling you how many stars to give him, but 5 is the most you can give, just so you know. Again, featured on BartenderHQ a couple of times (one and two).

Common Man Cocktails (YouTube)

Common Man Cocktails

One of Sam’s main picks, the Common Man Cocktails channel on youtube is a home bartender podcast. He’s been going for years and has created a great brand around his videos, showing how to make cocktails online. Sam is super impressed by his skills!

Speaking Easy Podcast


Another home bartender outlet, these guys have a great dynamic and no preconceptions of drinks being enthusiasts over professionals. Well researched shows and avoids all the politics that occur within the industry from time to time. Check them out on iTunes or other places too.

Booze Broad Podcast

Booze Broad Podcast

One of the newest arrivals to the bartender podcast universe – Booze Broad is  a long form podcast that focuses on the bartender lifestyle, especially out in Las Vegas where Sarah is based. Booze broad is rapidly becoming the voice of Vegas in the bartending world! (hear our interview) Perfect to listen to while you set up the bar!

Steve Schneider Show Podcast

Steve Schneider Show

Steve Schneider is best known for Employees Only in New York (and Singapore) and has become one of the world’s most prominent bartenders after the release of the Hey Bartender Movie/Documentary. A lot of lifestyle and stream of consciousness stuff which ranges from judging competitions to playing Xbox One with his friends.

Cocktail Chemistry (Youtube)

Another YouTube entry, Cocktail Chemistry came to prominence from their Ice Ball Negroni video (below). Check out their channel and subscribe!


Tipsy Bartender…

He had to make it in – no-one has probably got more people making cocktails than this guy so how can we leave him out!? Check out their channel here.




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