Should we as a community come together to help a bartender in need? One British Facebook group this week didn’t think so, and it caused some waves.

Industry News: Dead Rabbit to Re-Open after Fire

The Dead Rabbit in New York suffered a suspected kitchen fire on July 1st 2018. The venue has now announced they plan to re-open Thursday July 19th, admittedly with a cold menu until their main kitchen is back

CO2 Crisis hits Mexico

Following shortages in the UK and Europe over the summer months hitting brewers and drinks producers at large, Mexico is now beginning to suffer shortages. Be aware you could see disruption of Mexican beers over the coming months.

This Week on BartenderHQ

New Drinks:

  • Wild Again – Named for the Cocktail Soundtrack song of the same name, this is an agave Mai Tai style drink
  • Bumblebee Cocktail– a Rum twist on the Bee’s Knees
  • Boutique-y Blue Lagoon – a straight up gin version of the 80s disco drink classic
  • Grape Jelly Flip – I love the flavour of Concord grapes, so this was part of my research into making it drinkable!

World Cup

World Cup Drinks Pricing

Major news outlets in the UK were reporting this week on price gouging in a certain company’s pubs with 10-50p per drink added to prices during England’s World Cup games. I discussed my thoughts on this over on our YouTube Channel.

Bartender in Need, the community’s responsibility to help?

A major UK bartenders group on Facebook this week caused controversy when moderators took down an appeal for help for a fellow bartender in need in Asia. Not only this, but the way it was done caused outrage in a lot of the membership. We’ve shared the appeal on BartenderHQ’s Facebook page as well as the Worldwide Bartender Community on Facebook. If you can help, here’s the link to Help Tunny!Miami Viceroy Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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