I am approaching my eleven year anniversary in bars. I mean consistently working in bars! I have never left and returned, I have been a bar maid for eleven strong years. My longest absence was three months on maternity leave. For most of my years I never even used up my annual leave! Needless to say, I love working in bars.

I have been reminiscing about some of my bar tender guilty pleasures. These are things that I don’t believe I would’ve ever indulged in had I not worked in bars.

If you’re a long serving veteran like me, I bet you can name yours too! I’ve got three categories.

1. Food.

For many years my nocturnal diet was pot noodle. Simple, quick and delicious! If it had been a particularly mad one I’d pig out and have pot noodle with buttery toast to dip in.
Another favourite of mine was always instant mash and Mayo. What’s not to love?

2. Game.

Oh I can’t sleep, I’ll just play this game to make me tired… Ah crap it’s 7pm I’ve gotta go back to work!
You know.
Mine was Zoo Tycoon on DS. I just can’t leave Lion 1 sad, I must create suitable terrain immediately!


3. TV.

Now I’m going to sound really old… Back in my day we never had Netflix or Sky+ or whatever so I had to watch what was on. At 5am with only freeview channels the answer is, not a lot! So I developed as obsession with Sons & Daughters. The original Aussie soap… Step back Neighbours and H&A. This is true 80s soap and I bloody loved it.
Look how 80s it is…

I am also willing to admit that I developed a love for infomercials! I wanted everything. The Zumba sticks (before Zumba was a thing) the Ab king pro (I was size 8… Why?) and all of those CD collections. Ah country favourites I didn’t even know it but those songs really are my favourites! I would fall asleep to that loop of the same five songs and of course many, many more! But we never got to hear them because nobody has heard of the many, many more!

So there are my confessions! Will you share your bartender guilty pleasures? Comment or tweet @bartenderhq

This article was written by Jo my FiancĂ©e who’s been managing nightclubs for many years.

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