Its that time of year and as we all know bartenders are a pain to buy for! So, save the effort and check out our gift suggestions below – this is your one stop shop for your bartender Christmas shopping!

Cool Bartender Shirts

Bartender-Hoodie-DaiquiriOk, we’re biased, but we love these shirts! Look out for new designs coming early in the new year but for now there are 4 designs to choose from: Bottle & Tin, Flair, Old Fashioned and Daiquiri. Take your pick and show your passion!

There’s a variety of styles so you can choose your favourite on a hoodie, a variety of T-shirt options, long sleeves, and we’ve not forgotten the ladies – these are available for everyone!

So head over to the store, check out the options and place your order. Feel happy that you’re helping keep BartenderHQ’s podcast and website running. Servers cost money you know!

Homemade Gift Guide from A Bar Above

Chris and Julia from A Bar Above put out a great podcast a couple of weeks ago about how you can create your own personalised gifts for your friends and family. Whether you want to create bitters, tinctures, infusions or anything else, their guide is a great place to start. If you’ve not heard it already, check out our podcast with Chris and Julia, from way back at the start of the show!


Homemade Christmas Gifts from A Bar Above

For everything bar related…

We’ve partnered with BarProducts, the world leader in bartender equipment so you can get absolutely anything you need.

Whether you need a sleeve of shaker tins for your year’s flair competitions (BarProducts offer these with a guaranteed 93mm diameter so you know your tins will match and you won’t suffer from sticky tin), custom Flairco Practice bottles with your own design¬†or even just some pour spouts, BarProducts is your one stop shop, and you can help support BartenderHQ by buying through our links.

Bar Products

Our Amazon Gift Guide

Don’t forget last year we put together a bar gift guide, with some great options. If you’re buying from the UK store we’ll get a little kick back from your purchase, but you’ll be able to find the items on Amazon worldwide.

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