Since Ryan Reynolds joined Aviation Gin, their marketing has absolutely exploded. Just as Deadpool was marketed on a shoestring budget because the studio, Fox didn’t have faith in the concept, Ryan’s marketing of Aviation has taken advantage of his sense of humour and poked fun at the industry at large.

The Process | Aviation Gin

In this video, if you were to watch with the sound off, you could be forgiven for thinking it is the typical “here is our provenance” video. Slightly slowed down footage of the botanicals, cinematic shots of where they are grown, drinks being poured. The difference comes with Ryan Reynolds’ voiceover.

He talks about how the distillers spend hours meditating before apologising to the juniper berries, and how humanely they’re grown. There are some magnificent beards here too. It directly takes aim at how pretentious much of the industry’s marketing has become, and taps into a key of internet marketing. You have to be both entertaining and informative.

Not everyone cares how carefully your product is made, but as long as the product tastes good, if you make them laugh they’ll share it with their friends.

The Bottle Cap Challenge

Capitalising on the Bottle Cap Challenge that started appearing on social media a few months ago where caps are knocked off the top of bottles with a kick or some other highly precise move, we have one of the shortest videos here at 44 seconds. It has 13,771,745 views at the time of writing. Nearly 14 million views.

I won’t spoil the video for you, just go ahead and watch. Bear in mind this video probably cost $100 or so to make, but you could easily make something similar for zero money with the phone in your pocket.

Jumping on an existing trend like this is a great way to get free attention, but you’ll either need to catch it right at the peak, or completely nail the execution to cut through the noise. Aviation Gin did both here.

Dedication | Aviation Gin

Back to the high production here with what looks like a traditional TV ad, but this time talking about how Ryan Reynolds blows every bottle personally by hand. A claim so ridiculous that it makes you laugh out loud, but delivered in Ryan’s typical deadpan style. Want to get this kind of look with your video? Shoot everything in 60 frames per second and slow it down to half speed in the edit!

Ryan Reynolds & Richard Branson | Announcement

To announce that Virgin will be serving Aviation on their flights, Ryan Reynolds & Richard Branson appear together, with Ryan’s ‘character’ apparently misunderstanding the deal and trying to make it a much bigger thing. Richard Branson is perfect in this video with just slight confusion on his face throughout at what’s going on.

It’s always fun to have a look at the YouTube comments on some of these videos too – people asking when these corporate announcements became entertaining. Its a great point.

YouTube struggles to make you watch 6 seconds.

How often have you been frustrated by the seemingly endless 6 seconds before you’re allowed to skip past an advert to what you actually want to watch? Yet, people are coming to YouTube in their millions, on purpose to watch adverts for Aviation American Gin, because Ryan Reynolds makes them so entertaining.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Don’t assume you have to have a brand channel – all these are hosted on Ryan’s personal YouTube Channel. Its a great move to syphon his own attention to the brand, but his subscriber numbers are no-where near the view numbers for these videos.
  • As important as how your brand does what it does is, its not as important as grabbing the attention of the viewers. Don’t make dry, informative videos all the time, make the watcher laugh, at least once in a while. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Not everything you put out has to be about product. You’re a human, and people connect with other humans. Let your passions show through. You’ll be far more engaging when you talk about something you love.

Who else is making amazing marketing for their drinks brand or bar? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @BartenderHQ

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