Asterley Bros Artemis Sweet

  • Range: Asterley Bros Artemis Sweet VermouthAsterley Bros Artemis Sweet
  • Producer: Asterley Bros
  • UK Distributor: 
  • Retail Price: £24.95
  • Origin: 
  • ABV: 16%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Orange, Cacao, Rosemary
  • Wine Base: English Pinot Noir
  • Sugar Content: Unknown at present
  • Nose: Intense Bitter Orange, Rosemary and Clove
  • Palette: High bitterness, super orange, olive brine
  • Finish: Bitter Orange and Olive Brine
    Overall: A very decent product. Deep red colour with a predominate Orange flavour. I’d like to see what this was like paired with more herbal ingredients like Chartreuse and Benedictine, non the less it’s lovely and would make a good replacement for Aperol in spritzes and other drinks.

Asterley Bros Artemis Sweet Vermouth, is made by infusing 31 botanicals with English Pinot Noir. Modelled on the ‘rosso’ style. They’ve called it “An aperitif with divine flavours for the novice and great depth for the aficionado” I don’t know about aficionados but I like it with soda.

Asterley Bros Artemis Sweet


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