One of the cocktails I was lucky enough to enjoy at the Monkey Shoulder Social Club on Thursday night (check out this week’s podcast to see my interview with the Monkey Shoulder Am-Badass-ador) was the Artist’s Special. It’s a great drink making Scotch accessible to those who might not think its their thing, and includes Sherry (one of the big trends this year in cocktails).


Served on the rocks in a Collins Glass

Artist’s Special IngredientsArtist's Special

Need to make the Redcurrant Syrup? You can find the recipe over at’s Recipe page!


Shake all the ingredients but the soda water with ice and strain the Artist’s Special over fresh ice in the Collins glass. Garnish with a small bunch of fresh redcurrants.

Take a quick preview look at the Monkey Shoulder Social Club in the video below – it was a great event and we can’t wait for the next one!

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