Antica Formula Carpano

  • Range: Antica FormulaAntica Formula Carpano
  • Producer: Carpano
  • UK Distributor: Hi Spirits
  • Retail Price: £34.84
  • Origin: Turin, Italy
  • ABV: 16.5%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Vanilla from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti. Saffron from the plateau areas in Iran
  • Wine Base: White wines from Italian grape varieties from the Romagna, Puglia and Sicily regions 
  • Sugar Content: Unknown at present
  • Nose: Liquorice, Honey, Star Anise
  • Palette: Very Dry with Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Sage, Thyme
  • Finish: Dry, herbal with sage
    Overall: One of the most powerful vermouth i’ve had, it just keeps giving. No wonder this has become a bartenders favourite. I find most vermouth this strong tend to become over powered by a singular flavour, but that’s not to be said for Antica. For me its great chilled or with ice, it can be mixed with any thing and still hold it’s own. If you want strong but well balance vermouth, this is for you!

Carpano “Antica Formula” is an exquisite Italian vermouth expertly handcrafted in small batches from the finest ingredients. Based on a recipe dating back to 1786, “Antica Formula”, first invented in 1786, in Turin by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, its inimitable recipe remains unchanged to this day. Made from white wine, Piedmontese muscatel and the rich wines of southern Italy.

For this vermouth we have recently entered the 2017 Antica Formula Cocktail Competition, see our drink here:

Antica Spritz

2 Part Antica Formula
1 Part Elderflower Cordial
4 Part Prosecco

Build in a champagne glass and served with an orange wedge!



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