Hey guys – If you’ve been following our social accounts (which of course you should, see below) you’ll know that I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of weeks – getting married (a cool How I Met Your Mother themed wedding too, pics to follow) followed by our LEGEN- wait for it -DARY honeymoon covering New York and Las Vegas, two of America’s top, and very very different bar scenes.

So as you can imagine, there will be a LOT of stuff coming up over the next week or so about our adventure, but in the mean time check out our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, and also check out my beautiful wife’s stuff over at MommaBoss (She’s got the wedding preview stuff) or search #HIMYMWedding all over the internet for pics from the wedding and honeymoon.

We’ve got some great stuff on the way, whether you’re interested in the craft cocktails of New York at Employees only or the flair and party of Las Vegas, stay tuned as there’s a huge amount of stuff just around the corner!

HIMYM Wedding

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