The Americano Cocktail, also known as the Milano-Torino due to the origins of its main ingredients was created in the 1860s in Caffe Campari. It’s closely related to the Negroni which is currently seeing a huge resurgence, especially in bartending circles.

The current cocktail movement is embracing classical bitter drinks once again, and moving away from the sweet juice & sweet liquors.


The Americano Cocktail is served in a Rocks glass over ice.

Americano Cocktail Ingredients

How to mix an Americano Cocktail

Simply build this drink, pouring each ingredient over cubed ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a half wheel of orange.

While James Bond seems to find the Americano Cocktail a little beneath him, saying  “in cafés you have to drink the least offensive of the musical comedy drinks that go with them” in ‘A View to a Kill‘, he always drinks it with Perrier instead of soda water. He says its the best way to improve a poor drink, however coming from the guy who likes his Martinis shaken, we’re not sure of his cocktail credentials.

Of course, the Americano Cocktail can be made with other brands of bitters & vermouth, but these are considered the originals. If you wish to give it a slightly sweeter feel, taking the edge off the Campari’s bitterness, you can top the drink with lemonade (lemon lime soda). I’d recommend this classic with soda however, just as espresso is best served without being tamed by milk and sugar, the Americano Cocktail is best enjoyed as it was intended.

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