Why do we taste spirits neat?

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On the BartenderHQ Podcast this week, we’re talking about why we taste spirits neat. Is it still the right thing to do? When 95% of gin is mixed with tonic, why do bartenders taste it neat and at room temperature? … Continued

How to Store Vermouth

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Getting the most of your Vermouth Over the years the fact Vermouth is wine has some how been forgotten. Wine connoisseurs are strict when keeping there wines, storing them perfectly, yet Vermouth is on back bars open to the elements. … Continued

Mancino Sakura

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Range: Secco, Bianco, Rosso, Vecchio, Chinato Producer:  UK Distributor: Spritis Cartel Retail Price: N/A Origin: Turin, Italy ABV: 16% Distinct Botanicals: Violet Petals and Cherry Blossom Wine Base: Trebbiano Sugar Content: Unknown at Present Nose: Rose, Violet and slightly vegetal Palette: Cherry Blossom and … Continued

Cinzano 1757 Bianco

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Range: Extra Dry, Bianco, Rosso, 1757 Rosso, 1757 Bianco Producer: Gruppo Campari‎ UK Distributor: Campari Retail Price: £16.95 Origin: Turin – Italy ABV: 16% Distinct Botanicals: Unknown at Present Wine Base: Unknown at Present Sugar Content: Unknown at Present  Nose: Sweet Lemon, Bay and Thyme Palette: Starts with … Continued