• Range: Absentroux, Gentiane de Lure, RinQuinQuin, Orange Colombo, Noix St JeanAbsentroux
  • Producer: Distillery et Domaines de Provence
  • UK Distributor: Emporia Brands
  • Retail Price: £21.19
  • Origin: Forcalquier, Provence, France
  • ABV: 18%
  • Distinct Botanicals: High Wormwood, Mugwart, Genepi, Pepper, Marjoram, Cardamom, Lemon Balm, Chamomile
  • Wine Base: Lubéron White
  • Sugar Content: 160g per litre
  • Nose: Super Strong Mugwart – Very distinct to any other vermouth!
  • Palette: Mugwart for front with gentian style dryness with a big hit of Jasmine!
  • Finish: Very floral with lavender, jasmine and chamomile note!
    Overall: Super interesting product, the names would suggest it taste like absinthe but it is far more complex herbaceous than that, and interestingly no strong anise flavours at all.

A vermouth à l’absinthe! The name would make you think this is tastes like absinthe but alas is does not! Aromatised with absinthe herbs and spices such as wormwood, lemon, and Genepi.


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