Beer ranks as the fifth most consumed beverage in the world, together with water as first, coffee as second, tea as third, and so on. Every year, the global consumption of beer approximately stands at 195 million kiloliters. That’s around 290 billion regular beer bottles.

Beer is a beverage brewed and aged to perfection in oak barrels. Usually, beer is made from four primary ingredients: hops, grains, water, and an active yeast or starter culture. The starter culture for most beer is S. cerevisiae, which is responsible for fermenting beers. 

As one of the most consumed beverages, have you ever thought of the idea of pairing a specific type of ale with food? Yes, you read it right. Beer is a perfect match for food because of its complex flavors and refreshments to any kind of food.

To match beer with food perfectly, you have to know the flavors that will play and combine together. Since there are many types of beers, every type needs a distinct flavor to complement each other. So, here are the best ways to pair your glass of beer with food:

Technique 1: Pair It With Spicy Foods And Noodle Dishes

Spicy foods such as hot buffalo wings and Japanese ramen are perfect for beers, specifically pale lagers, also known as American lagers. Pale lagers are light and refreshing with a crisp flavor, perfect for spicy foods and noodle dishes.

According to expert food critics, pale lagers go well with foods with a bitter taste, such as asparagus. These foods may help take some of the beer’s astringency for clear and earthy notes.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and light lager, you may visit Hurricane Head or your favorite shop for your next perfect dinner.

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Technique 2: Pair It With Grilled Meats And Vegetables

Grilled meats and veggies are a great match to complement the toasted and caramel notes in dark lagers with their roasted and grilled flavors. This is because of roasted malt, which is necessary to create dark lagers. 

When you’re preparing dark lagers, such as American amber lager or Vienna-style lager, for dinner, you may grill some zucchinis or chicken to have a balanced flavor. 

Technique 3: Pair It With Roast Pork, Sausage, And Game Birds

For this technique, brown ale is necessary. Brown ales have chocolate-like and roasted malt notes with a slightly bitter flavor. This makes brown ales more versatile, which means you can easily pair them with any food you want. 

However, it is usually paired with roasted pork tenderloins, smoked German sausages, and roasted ducks. The fat released from these foods will help balance out the bitterness and complement the roasted flavor of the beer.

Technique 4: Pair It With Sushi Roll And Curry Dish 

These pairings are perfect for India pale ales (IPA). IPA is one of the highest-selling beers across the United States. This beer is not crafted to have a pair but to complement complex food flavors. 

Since this crafted beer has powerful taste notes and aroma, food experts suggest drinking it with mild curry dishes to balance out the flavor. Also, you may pair it with spicy sushi roll to complement its citrusy and pine hop flavor notes, and juicy tropical pork dishes to match its intense flavor profile.

Technique 5: Pair It With Chicken, Salads, And Shellfish

This pairing is best served with pilsners. Pilsner is a crafted beer originating from Germany, and it is known for its light hop and bread-like malt flavor. This beer has a light and balanced flavor profile, perfect for chicken, shellfish, salads, and lighter meals.

If you’re planning to have a glass of cold pilsner tonight, you may prepare deep-fried shrimps, Caesar’s salad, or crispy chicken cutlets.

Technique 6: Pair It With Creamy Desserts And Strong Cheeses

Are you surprised that beers can be paired with desserts and strong cheeses? These pairings are specific to wild and sour beers. This beer is called wild because of the microorganisms responsible for its wild and complex flavor profile. An example of this beer is American sour, which has lactic acid responsible for its acidity.

Wild and sour beers can be paired with strong cheeses such as stilton and gorgonzola, and creamy desserts such as parfaits and peach cobblers.

Technique 7: Pair It With Smoked Foods And Peanut Butter Cookies

Porter is a type of beer that can be paired with roasted and smoked foods. This beer has chocolate, brewed coffee, caramel, and nutty flavors, perfect for grilled, roasted, and smoked dishes, such as barbecues and sausages, and peanut butter cookies for dessert. 

Final Words

Beers are undoubtedly one of the best drinks ever invented. You may use this comprehensive guide in case you’re planning to have a beer party someday. But, do not restrict your options with this guide. You may still pair your favorite foods with the beer you want as long as you enjoy it. 


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