A gentleman is a man who behaves well and is always courteous with other people. They are expected to act and behave in a certain way. Yet, as time goes by, we see less of these actions, meaning that their numbers are decreasing. This is because there is a stigma that being one is embarrassing. Because of this, it is difficult to find many men that can be considered true gentlemen. Here are five things only true gentlemen know about.

1. Be Courteous

Being courteous means being polite, respectful, and considerate. This is one of the main traits gentlemen know they must have to be considered gentlemen. This trait includes being generous, having excellent manners, and having real empathy, not to mention things as simple as being on time for all occasions. A gentleman also knows that he has to be attentive and trustworthy, so the people around him know that he is a true gentleman who would never go back on his word or tell a secret.

2. A Woman is Her Own Person

A gentleman knows that a woman is her own person, not an object. The actions he makes towards a woman should be well-behaved and compliment the woman, not make her feel objectified or helpless. A gentleman can help a woman by giving her his jacket when she is cold or open the car door for her, but he shouldn’t make her feel helpless by doing everything for her and treating her like she cannot do anything herself. He also knows that he should believe in a woman’s strength and her ability to do anything she sets her mind to and should compliment her for it.

3. A Gentleman never brags

True gentlemen know that they should do everything in moderation, and even when they do indulge in any kind of luxury, they do so in a way that is genuine and they are sure not to brag about it. They know when and how to indulge, but also know when they need to slow down or stop. For example, when celebrating a certain occasion, a true gentleman would know how much he would need to purchase to make sure there is more than enough for everyone. But just as he is considerate and generous, he is also well aware that he doesn’t have to buy caviar to satisfy everyone. He would also know when to stop having a conversation about a certain topic to make sure he is not bragging about it.

4. Do Not Discriminate

A true gentleman knows that he should not discriminate between people of different ethnicities and religions. This sprouts from being courteous as it requires being respectful. If you treat people differently according to their race or religion, then you are definitely not a true gentleman.

5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Finally, true gentlemen know that actions speak louder than words and act on it by not making promises they can’t keep. They also try to keep themselves well-educated on certain topics as it helps show that they know what they’re talking about instead of merely stating an opinion without having any facts or data to support it.

Be a True Gentleman

After reading the things true gentlemen know about, try to follow them to become one yourself! This will help you be kinder to people and accept them for who they are and it will help end the stigma about being a gentleman. It will also cause people to respect you more and more after getting to know you. Being a gentleman will definitely help you become a better person overall!

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