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Alexander Cocktail

The Alexander Cocktail Family

The Alexander Cocktail family is well known, mainly for the Brandy Alexander Cocktail, though that’s not where it started out. According to Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book, the Alexander Cocktail No.1 is made with Gin. The Alexander Cocktail No.1 The Savoy lists the drink…

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3 Bulldog Cocktail Recipes

While researching the Bulldog cocktail for this article I came across three very different recipes, so we’ll talk about them all. Lets start with what I was looking for, the Bulldog. Bulldog Cocktail #1 – Mr Boston 1½oz (45ml) Marie Brizard Jollie Cherry (Cherry…

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El Presidente Feature

El Presidente Cocktail

Created in the early 20th Century, the El Presidente cocktail was popular in the 1920s to 1940s. As with many prohibition era cocktails, its experienced a renaissance in recent years. El Presidente is named for the Cuban President Gerado Machado. The El Presidente is…

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Cupid Cocktail Recipe

The Cupid Cocktail is featured in the Savoy Cocktail book – one of the standards for craft bartenders everywhere. The Savoy’s classic book on cocktails is an incredible resource for bartenders looking for inspiration. Its filled to the brim with old school drinks, many…

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Sazerac Cocktail

The Sazerac is a variant of the Old Fashioned cocktail which originated in New Orleans. In essence an Old Fashioned with an absinthe rinsed glass and no ice, it has earned its place in the true classic cocktail list. Whiskey or Cognac in a…

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