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Pegu Club Cocktail Recipe

The Pegu Club Cocktail has a long and distinguished history, the signature drink of a club in Burma of the same name and is named for the Burmese river Pegu. The Pegu Club in Burma was situated just outside of Rangoon and was filled…

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Artist’s Special Cocktail

One of the cocktails I was lucky enough to enjoy at the Monkey Shoulder Social Club on Thursday night (check out this week’s podcast to see my interview with the Monkey Shoulder Am-Badass-ador) was the Artist’s Special. It’s a great drink making Scotch accessible…

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Fashion Prohibition Cocktail

Created for the Bacardi Legacy competition in 2015, the Fashion Prohibition cocktail by Guru Prashanth. “The ‘Fashion Prohibition’ is a Retro Chic cocktail inspired by our own BACARDÍ which turned challenge into opportunity when U.S. Congress banned the manufacture, sale and even consumption of alcohol…

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