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Gremlin Cocktail

The Gremlin cocktail is one of those crazy drinks that you’d never think would be popular, but it’s one of TGI Friday’s biggest sellers! This version is slightly modified from the one I learned while working for Friday’s, but its a sure winner! Glassware:…

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As one of the most classic Rum cocktails, the Daiquiri has spawned more than it’s fair share of fairly unrecognisable spin off drinks, many of which retain the Daiquiri Moniker. These are generally over sweetened and have their roots in the less sophisticated days…

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The Margarita is the quintessential tequila cocktail, being essentially a Tequila Sour. The marriage of lime tequila and salt is also popular in the classic Tequila shot ritual. Glassware: Coupette glass with a salt rim and a lime wedge. Ingredients: 1½oz Tequila ¾oz Triple…

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