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Why Flair is Good for Your Bar.

Flair is one of the disciplines in bartending which splits opinion more than almost anything else. Some bartenders focus on entertaining their guests with flair, some concentrate more on innovative drinks and take meticulous care over every step, while others entertain with close up…

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Key West Cooler Recipe

The Key West Cooler is a great drink for when you want to show off a little more of your mixing skills – there’s nothing too tricky here but the drink will get wows from your guests as it has a great traffic light…

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Woo Woo

Built Drinks

Built drinks are perhaps the most simple cocktails to make, certainly in terms of procedure. If you have a choice of stations on your bar, this will be made at the Hiball Station. Equipment: Service glass (the glass the drink will be served in)…

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Ice cream cocktails are exceptionally popular, and this is one of tyne most universally known. An alcoholic desert in a glass, this tastes far too innocent – but take your time or suffer the brain freeze consequences! Glassware: Large Wine Glass. Swirl with Chocolate…

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Vodka is different to other spirits, in that the perfect vodka would be flavourless. Primarily formed of water and ethanol, it is the traces of impurity which impart differing flavours to the spirit. Purity is a major selling point of premium vodkas with brands…

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Dry Martini

The quintessential classic cocktail, the Martini has spawned more variant cocktails than any other drink in history. It looks classy and the drink’s name has become synonymous with the glass it is served in. Glassware: Cocktail glass (martini glass) Dry Martini Ingredients: 3oz Gin…

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Muddled Drinks

Muddled drinks release the flavours from ingredients that many other preparation styles would not be able to access. Freshly squeezed juice doesn’t get much fresher than when its extracted from the fruit right there in front of you, inside the glass you’ll be drinking…

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